6th Day Provision (KS1-4)

Since its inception TMBSS 6th Day Provision has operated with between 5 and 12 students per week. Great care is taken to make sure the experience is as successful as possible for the students – it is fully understood that a student who has been permanently excluded is highly likely to not have had a good experience in a school setting and is very likely to be feeling disaffected and let down by the education system. Placing the student in a situation that may breakdown owing to personalities and interactions with other students is carefully considered. All reasonable attempts are made to make sure that students are placed with other students that are likely to make any session successful. This is a new start. No judgement or preconceptions about the young persons are held by the staff.

Post 6 days after exclusion
During the week after the 6th day of the exclusion the young person will attend an education establishment administered by TMBSS to begin initial assessments and begin working on key areas of the curriculum – usually core subjects of English and Maths. The initial assessment period can last between 2 and 12 weeks, but it is normally expected that a student will move to the next stage of their education career within 6 weeks.

Education records will be requested from previous schools and services. These records and the initial assessments will provide the basis of curriculum work undertaken. During this time discussion and reasons for the exclusions may be undertaken, not in a way to criticise and revisit past failures, but to look at what went wrong and see if strategies could be explored to help the student from these situations escalating in the future. This is handled very delicately by staff. Help and advice that may be appropriate may be sourced and suggested. This may include CAMHS, Social Services, Youth Support, etc, as appropriate and with full consultation with the family. Any non statutory referral will only be undertaken with the agreement of the family or carer.

6th Day Provision will assist and support in all re-integration as appropriate and with the agreement/request of the receiving education establishment. This may take the form of

– supporting student and family at admission meetings,

– providing advice and feedback to the receiving establishment on educational matters and behavioural strategies that may have become apparent during the assessment period,

– initiating an annual review of a Statement of Special Educational Needs or Education Health Care Plan as appropriate,

– providing support for the student normally during the first weeks of attendance of the new education establishment as requested and agreed by that establishment.

6th Day Provision works with rebuilding relationships with young people, relationships in education that have often broken down owing to the nature of the exclusion process. The focus will be on creating new models of behaviour based on relationships creating positive and appropriate interactions with staff and peers so improving the students understanding of their contribution to this relationship.

Within the initial assessment period, normally (but not exclusively) before the end of the 6th week the possible next step in the student’s education will be identified. This may include,

– a return to a mainstream school,

– a shared placement in a mainstream school and a Shropshire Education Centre (usually administered by TMBSS) which could be a mixture of times, days or sessions. This is usually with the expectation that the student would eventually return to a full time mainstream placement,

– a place in a Shropshire Education Centre (usually administered by TMBSS)

– a place in a specialist provision or school that can provide more appropriately for the students needs.

– a short term continuation of support through the 6th Day Provision of TMBSS.