Apprenticeships are run for many different professions at many different levels.

Apprenticeship levels are:

Name Level Equivalent Education Level
Intermediate 2 5 GCSE passes at grade 4-9
Advanced 3 2 A level passes
Higher 4 – 7 Foundation Degree and above
Degree 6 & 7 Bachelor or Master’s degree

This is only a basic guide and some requirements may vary. It is still worth applying for apprenticeships that have ‘desirable’ grades as this indicates that they are not essential so employers may be able to support you to gain these qualifications.

If an apprenticeship is your preferred option when you leave school the first thing you should do is set up an account on the National Apprenticeship Website.

Make sure you keep a note of your login details and password.
Set up email and text alerts for new vacancies that you would like to see.

It is good to set up your account early in year 11 so that you can familiarise yourself with the website and how it works. Apprenticeships that you can apply for will begin to be released in February/March of year 11 so this is when you should be checking regularly. It is worth noting that you cannot start an apprenticeship until you have finished school, so it is important that you find out your official school leaving date.

Not all employers will advertise on the National Apprenticeship Website so it is worth looking in other places such as:



  • Local Newspapers
  • Local job pages on social media
  • Indeed
  • Job Centre Plus
  • Local businesses
  • Monster
  • Local Council websites
  • Careers Events
  • Job Fairs
  • Jobsite
  • Total jobs
  • Fish4jobs

You may also want to contact employers directly. When doing this, it is a good idea to have a CV ready to show them. Your careers advisor (Courtney) can help you put one together or alternatively, if you would like to have a go yourself first, we have the following help sheets.

Apprenticeships are competitive so it is important to have a good CV as you will be up against other candidates, the same as if you were applying for a job.

Advice to anyone hoping to gain an apprenticeship is to apply for college as a back up, just in case you are unsuccessful at obtaining an apprenticeship initially.

If you feel that you aren’t ready to go straight into an apprenticeship yet or think that you would like to boost your Maths and English grades or employability skills then study programmes or traineeships offer this. There are a number of local colleges that offer these courses.

Click here to find out more: Training Providers

The information included is accurate to the best of my knowledge, but as course details and providers offers are subject to change you should always double check all information and do your own research before making any decisions about your future.