Love to paddle board

Children at Harlescott have visited ‘Love to Stay’ this week for our first session of paddleboarding on the lake. Everyone listened carefully, followed all of the instructions and, by the end of the session, able to stand up! Pupils had the chance to jump in from the jetty as well! Thank you to both of the brilliant instructors!

Going for Gold

Everyone at Harlescott was delighted today to find out that we won our very first School’s Games competition. The children at Harlescott not only had the highest average score of all the schools in Shrewsbury, but all of Shropshire! All the children who participated have received medals, t-shirts and certificates from the School’s Games.

Sculpting Egyptian Gods

Children at Harlescott have started to sculpt the lids for their canopic jars. Each of the jars have a different Egyptian god’s head on them; either a jackal, baboon, falcon or human.

Canopic Jars

Children at Harlescott have been learning about Ancient Egypt. We have been looking at their belief in the afterlife and mummification process! Children are using mod-roc to create their own canopic jars, which were used to store the organs removed from dead bodies.


This afternoon, pupils at Harlescott took part in the School’s Games archery competition! We had great fun and learnt a lot about a new sport. We did 2 competitions – target shooting and distance.