TMBSS works hard to raise all students’ aspirations and below information can be found about how this is done through the Careers Programme. This has been made even more important since the recent laws now state that children should be in education until their 18th birthday.

Our aims are to:

  • Equip students with the knowledge, skills and attributes they need to make informed decisions about their post-16 plans and progression through a relevant careers programme.
  • Support students with personalised information, advice and guidance to help them build the confidence and empower them to take charge of their own career development and progression.

Students in Key Stage 4 have the opportunity to participate in in work experience and attend a range of careers events

Careers and Work Related Learning Policy

Careers Provider Access Policy 

Annual Careers Plan 2018-19

Staff Team

Careers Lead: Alison Harper

Careers Advisor & Co-ordinator: Courtney Hall

DWP Link (Support for Schools Programme): Rachel Morgan

Careers Programme

Key Stage 3 Careers programme

Key Stage 4 Careers programme

Students with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

Students that have and Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) will be able to continue this into their post 16 provision. If students enter employment or leave school and do not enter into education or training, their EHCP will cease. As part of the annual review in year 11, students with an EHCP will complete a Preparing for Adulthood section of their plan. A member of the careers team will attend this meeting to ensure that they are aware of future plans, so that they can support the students in achieving these.

It may be deemed appropriate that a SEND student should attend a Specialist College as their post 16 destination, if this is the cae it will require the authorisation of the local authority to allow this so whilst it may be seen to be the best option, students will also explore the options and possibilities of attending mainstream colleges and training providers.

Not all students that require extra support will have an EHCP. In this case, if the student, their parents and/or school staff believe that in order for post-16 education to be successful for a student they will need to continue to receive certain areas of support e.g. transport, an application for higher needs funding will be made. This application is made to the local authority and they will have the final decision as to whether the funding is put in place.

Work Experience

In KS4, all students have the opportunity to take part in work experience. The students are supported to find suitable work experience related to their interests and their future career plans. The students may take part in block placements or extended placements of certain days over a number of weeks.

Measuring Impact

To ensure that the Careers Programme at TMBSS is having a positive impact on the student’s post-16 progression, we monitor the destination data1 and the individual activities2 success.

1 The DfE publishes a range of data on pupil destinations at 16 and 18 and we compare our school with other schools both locally and nationally.

2 We try to evaluate the success of each activity, including meetings with the careers advisor by asking students to fill in anonymous feedback forms.


Careers co-ordinator: Courtney Hall   01584876129

The Careers Programme will be reviewed in July 2020.

Careers and Work Related Learning Policy

TMBSS Annual Careers Plan 

Careers Provider Access Policy