How the Service is accessed

Shropshire Council commissions a number of places which can be accessed by referral to a panel by the pupil’s school. Details of this process are contained in the terms of reference available on the Shropshire Council website. The purpose of these places is to assess pupil needs and to prepare the pupil for their next step, whether it be a return to their mainstream home school or to another provision. Pupils on these programmes are dual registered and the cost is met through higher needs funding.

Hospital consultants can make referrals for pupils who are too ill to attend school and are still accessing hospital treatment on a regular basis.

TMBSS has some additional capacity that can be commissioned on an infill basis. Over the past two academic years, we have been working closely on bespoke programmes in partnership with schools, the LAC team and other Local Authorities. These have ranged from full time places to individual activities that are supportive of the mainstream curriculum. On these occasions the funding is the responsibility of the referrer.