​Frequently Asked Questions 

My child has been out of school for a long time:
How will they catch up? 
We will make a thorough assessment of needs and prepare an individualised programme. We will gather information on prior attainment to help us track where pupils should be and set targets for closing any gap.
How will they cope with getting back to school routine? 
We will invite yourselves in to centre and negotiate an integration programme. This will be constantly assessed and adjusted at your pace. We have a lot of experience and will be able to advise you of ways forward. There are as many programmes as there are pupils.
How do they get to centre? 
When a member of the Senior Leadership Team makes a home visit, they will go through the transport options with you. In most cases pupils will attend their most local centre. If pupils live close enough we encourage them to walk or parents may choose to transport. Some pupils use public transport. We can organise transport for pupils who live far away and parents are unable to transport. This may be by taxi or minibus.
Do pupils wear school uniform? 
If a pupil is on a shared programme with their mainstream school, they will need to wear their school uniforms. Pupils on full time programmes with TMBSS do not need to wear a uniform but clothing needs to be appropriate for a learning environment. If particular clothing is required for an activity, centre staff will contact you.
What do we do about lunch? 
​​Children attending our Primary centre will have their lunch at their mainstream setiing.
None of our centres have facilities to provide cooked lunches. We are able to fetch sandwiches in, if pupils bring in money. Alternatively pupils can bring in their own packed lunch.  If a pupil is eligible for Free School Meals this can be used to pay for sandwiches.  Healthy eating is of importance to us and pupils will be encouraged to make healthy choices. ​

Do you do GCSEs? 
TMBSS offers a range of qualifications aimed to suit all needs. Core subjects are offered in all centres to GCSE level. Optional subjects are also offered across the service, depending upon demand pupils may travel to another centre or a teacher may visit the centre to teach or advise centre staff.
If a pupil is studying for a qualification / subject that we do not offer we will work with either the pupil’s school or another local school, that offers this course, to investigate if we can support the pupil in gaining this.

What happens when they are ready to leave? 
Pupils in KS1,2 and 3 and some in KS4 will remain on the roll of their mainstream school  as long as they have not been permanently excluded. Their progress will be reviewed  regularly and when ready an integration programme will be put together. Support will continue until everyone is confident that the pupil can manage.
Some pupils will be assessed as requiring a specialist provision. Centre staff will work with a placement once identified to support the transition.
KS4 pupils will receive regular input from a local Careers Advisor and our team of Career Support Workers. An action plan will be negotiated and steps to achieving this identified. Parents will have an opportunity to discuss this. Help will be given to complete applications and practice for interviews. If required we will take pupils on visits. We always liaise with placements to advise on integration.