Sports Grant

The sports premium grant is provided jointly by the departments for Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport and is given to schools to improve provision of Physical Education (P.E) and sport in primary schools. Primary schools receive a lump sum of money, plus an amount based on the number of pupils in the school.​​

At TMBSS, we believe that offering children a wide range of high quality experiences is very important; to this extent we have already been using some of our budget to fund a range of sports activities over the year. However, the sports premium funding has allowed us to supplement our current offer with new activities and opportunities.

2020-21 Funding

TMBSS have been allocated £3163.22 funding for this academic year.

How we use the funding


Sports Grant allocation to be spent by March 2020£5417
Dance Instruction£800
Swimming Instruction£749.95
Reading the Game£700
Condover Hall Residential (Year 5/6 Pupils)£1260
Condover Hall Activity Day (Year 3/4 Pupils)£624
Climbing the Walls (KS1)£300
Update PE Equipment£808
Total Spent£5259

Impact of funding

Unfortunately, this year due to the restrictions in place in light of Covid-19 our first Residential for Year 5 and 6 and our first Activity day for Year 3 and 4 could not take place. We had a high proportion of pupils who intended to participate; with only one pupil withdrawing. Condover Hall have kindly agreed to transfer the funds to 2021. This does mean that not all the same children will be able to participate as some have moved onto new schools however it will again be offered to all KS2 pupils in the coming year.

Another first was swimming. This was extremely successful with full pupil participation. At the start of the spring term more than 75% of the pupils were non-swimmers but they all grew in confidence over the 8 week intervention. Unfortunately, we were unable to access the pool facility due to localised flooding and Covid-19 for 3 of the planned sessions and the pupils did not complete a final assessment to identify progress. All pupils reported to thoroughly enjoy it though! The sessions also identified 4 talented swimmers; 1 of whom swam as part of a local swimming group. It was great to see these talented swimmers in action, showing off their skills and talents. Due to the time restrictions swimming was only open to the morning pupils this year but we looking at ways to accommodate all pupils, morning and afternoon, in the coming year. As the KS1 pupils did not attend the swimming sessions they accessed rock climbing instruction instead. The KS1 teacher was amazed by the growth in confidence for all pupils who participated and pupils beamed with a sense of overwhelming sense of achievement weekly. Again, we are planning to offer this in the summer term 2021. It was great that pupils reported attending with family following their instruction too. 


Our 2018/19 Year 6 cohort consisted of 4 pupils, all of whom attended on a part-time basis.

Percentage of pupils within our 2018-19 Year 6 cohort that can do each of the following:

Swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25 metres: 50% (2 out of 4 pupils)

Use a range of strokes effectively: 50% 92 out of 4 pupils)